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The new PowerProtect Dustbag ensures up to a 60% more suction power on low wattage vacuum cleaners when the dust bag fills up in comparison to conventional dustbags. Newest fleece technology for a longer service life. Convincing hygiene: 99.9% of fine dust particles are filtered, and the hygiene lock ensures clean disposal
Suitable for all current variants* up to energy efficiency class A+. Convincing cleaning results for appliances with low as well as higher wattage (*except BSG8..., BSN1...VS08..., VS01...)

Tested and approved accessory
*Suction power with partly filled dust bag (400 g) in comparison to Siemens / Bosch Type G dust bags without PowerProtect Technology, tested in an appliance of BSGL5... / VSZ5... range
Accessory references: BBZ51FGALL/VZ51FGALL



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€ 14,95 *
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